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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes" ~M. Proust

Therapeutic Process

A therapist should bring all of themselves into their work. Being present and transparent are instrumental in the therapeutic process. At times a therapist will reflect upon personal examples that seek to illuminate a place where you feel less stuck or help you to feel less isolated. At other times, they will sit back and listen to the things both said and unsaid while trying to collect enough dots to put together a picture of your lived and learned life experience. 


Ready to work

Do not worry, we will take things at your pace and I will be right there with you as you take this courageous journey. You will always know you are with a real human. If you are looking for a tabla rasa - blank slate therapist, I might not be the right person, but if you want real meaningful therapy with a therapist that will help you hold your life story, let's get started.

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