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Read about some of the things I hear frequently. Feel the same way? You are not alone.


"I just want to be happy."

I hear this all the time. It's a broad statement but, at the same time, perfectly articulates how my clients just want to attain the simple and much-deserved feeling of happiness.

Depression is impolite. It barges its way into life, uninvited, and comes in various shapes and sizes, presenting itself in varying degrees – and it’s all unpleasant. Some people can’t get out of bed. Others can function like they always do, but things just feel a lack of joy or cloudy for no apparent reason.

"I just want to have less anxiety."

Anxiety is overwhelming. It prevents us from completing the tasks we want to complete in life. Some people feel paralyzed by their anxiety – unable to leave their home or to leave for simple daily tasks only. Others can act like they don’t have anxiety, but struggle in social situations or feeling drained to the point where they need a day off to recuperate.


"I just want to spend one day not consumed by my addiction."

Addiction takes no days off. It prevents us from becoming the person we want to be in the world. Some lose themselves, their families, their possessions and their freedom while actively addicted.


Others function from the outside appearing to be unaffected by having a job, a family and a few luxuries while awaiting their first free moment to drink, use drugs, view pornography or engage in activities that become escape seeking.


No matter where you feel like you might fall on the spectrum, I can tell you this: therapy will help.

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